Why Colon Cleansing Should be first

Colonics, otherwise known as colon hydrotherapy, should be the start of your cleansing and getting well program. Why start in the colon? Because everything is affected by the health of your colon. Imagine for a second that your colon is a sewer system (well, I guess it kind of is), and imagine what happens when the sewer system slows down and backs up. What a mess! You would have toxins leaking out of the sewer and into the streets. The same goes for your colon. Without cleansing your colon and removing years of waste, toxins will just continue to spread through your body and make you sick.

Once you clean your colon, it gives the rest of your organs a chance to clean themselves and helps them function better as a result. This promotes an overall sense of well-being and good health.

What are the benefits of purification?

A purification program can have a significant, positive effect on the biochemistry of the body while allowing natural toxins and byproducts of daily metabolism to be eliminated and the . By participating in a purification program, you may notice the following:

  • Becoming younger on a cellular level
  • Improved weight management results
  • Increased energy
  • Better digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Clearer skin
  • Shinier hair
  • Disappearance or lessening of past conditions

How is purification different than any other diet?

The Standard Process Purification Program is not a diet. It is a program that helps you live a healthier life by purifying, nourishing, and maintaining a healthy body and weight.

How Do I determine my Toxic load?!

Your toxic load is the amount of toxins that your body needs to process. By answering the following questions, you may gain some insight as to your current toxic load.

  • Do you or have you eaten processed foods?
  • Do you eat non-organic fruits and vegetables?
  • Do you eat meat and poultry that are not free range?
  • Do you consume genetically altered food?
  • Do you or have you ever used artificial sweeteners?
  • Do you drink soda?
  • Do the foods you eat have preservatives, additives, dyes, or sweeteners added?
  • Do you eat fast foods and/or eat out regularly?
  • Do you charbroil or grill foods?
  • Do you drink decaf or excessive coffee regularly?
  • Do you drink alcohol?
  • Do you drink tap water?

If the majority of your answers are “yes”, then it is likely that your diet contributes significantly to your toxic load. Beyond diet, many external toxins, such as perfumes, cleaners, and pollution, add to your load. Your health care professional can help you assess your toxic load.