Prevention Model

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

It was not until the 18th century that physiologist, physicians and chemist began to critically examine the properties of blood.   Much progress has been made in the field of diagnosing various disease processes since then.  Today the more common tests include urinalysis, complete blood counts, hair analysis, saliva, blood chemistry and fortunately a non-invasive Nutritional Deficiency Screening test.
Because blood work does not always identify a dysfunction but rather a pathological condition many a person has been told that they are well or subclinical when in fact they are at the beginning or in some cases well into  a condition or systems failure  that has not fully manifested itself or yet to be diagnosed by their physician or health care practitioner.
The Wellness Model integrates prevention and practices identifying a dysfunction early on so that the appropriate nutritional support can be applied to the body in hope of and to bring the chemistry of the body closer to optimal health and thereby reducing a disease process.
The Nutritional Deficiency Screening Test is not meant to diagnosis or to replace medical care.

The Nutritional Deficiency Screening test includes:

pH saliva Test, Zinc Test, Calcium Test, Blood Pressure, Adrenal Fatigue Test, Iodine/Temperature Thyroid test, Candida, Urine pH/glucose/protein/ ketones/Urobilinogen/Bilirubin/Nitrite/Blood in urine/specific gravity/leukocyte test (total 18 test).

Our cost for the Nutritional Deficiency Screening (NDS) test is $70.00 and the screening test can take up to 30 minutes.  A report of finding will follow which will evaluate the test results with an explanation of the specific nutrients required to support the deficiencies noted.

Please call 208.667.7932 for an appointment.
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