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by andy on June 28, 2011

When looking for ways to get healthier  outside of the traditional western medicine world, it is common for people to go to a chiropractor or a naturopath for care. Both of these options are often great alternatives in regards to long term preventative care. So what makes us different? Well, where a chiropractor focuses on your back, we focus on your colon. Many people get ill because their colons are chalk full of toxins and waste that has been sitting in there for years. Because everyone with today’s diet has these years of toxins built up, it does not take long to notice at least some difference after spending time removing them. If you live in the Spokane area, we can help you with this problem!

Similar to Naturopathic care, we spend time going over your health concerns and symptoms, often recommending supplements, and diet modifications to aid in the detoxification process. If you take a look at our testimonial page, you will notice that this combination of both detoxification and nutritional modifications helps patients improve their overall feeling of well being, and often times gets rid of their symptoms.

Colon cleansing and detoxification works in conjunction with Chiropractic Care as well as Naturopathic. In fact, we sometimes work with Spokane area Chiropractors and Naturopathic doctors to help patients get well. However, many customers come to us and feel better without having to ever see a Naturopath or Chiropractor.

One of the great things about our method of wellness is that our customers lose weight! That’s right, toxins in your colon can equate to several pounds worth of sludge. On top of that, when you remove that sludge from your colon, your body’s natural detox and weight loss system can kick in, helping you to lose even more weight. Results vary, but most everyone sees at least some kind of improvement.

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