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Heidi Williams, a third generation colon hydrotherapist launched the re-opening of her grandfather’s business, due to high-demand from the community. Since 1979 her grandfather owned and operated five centers – with three in San Diego, one in Palm Springs and one in San Marcos, CA. His impact on the community motivated her to re-open her practice in San Marcos next door to her father’s chiropractic office, Pobran Chiropractic.

My clients swear by our colonic treatments as part of a regular health regimen, as well as a way to increase overall well being and vitality.

The health payoff is strengthening of muscles in the digestive tract, restored pH balance, a feeling of heightened energy, a stimulated immune system, an overall boost in health and vitality and – of course – vital regularity.

Body Detox & Weight Loss Center is a family owned business with over three generations of experience.

Our Spokane, Washington location is a training center that includes an apprenticeship program for colon hydrotherapists.

Our philosophy is based in the whole food approach and the team of professionals at the center are very well versed in explaining the specific foods to detox the liver, gallbladder and the upper (small) and lower (large) intestines.

In the few short years that we have established ourselves in the Inland Pacific Northwest we have become the largest colon hydrotherapy and detoxification facility. Part of our success is the abundant referrals from the surrounding holistic health care practitioners, referrals from our prior and current clients that understand the monumental healing and beneficial effects that detoxification brings to the body and the restoration that is necessary before other treatments can be effective.

Besides our main focus on weight loss and colon hydrotherapy we educate our clients each time they come in on the digestive tract including the physiology and anatomy. We realize that in order to get the digestive working properly it is what we put in our mouth that starts the whole processing working in a healthy or unhealthy manner. Most Colon hydrotherapy sessions are targeted specifically to remove the waste and toxins from the colon (which is the end result of everything having gone array from the mouth to the anus) and that alone can bring successful results. At Body Detox and Weight Loss Center we go beyond the expected and usual and our team of professionals (through ongoing training) are well educated to guide you through your process of healing your gastrointestinal system by teaching you during each of your sessions about probiotics, parasites, acid/alkaline balancing, foods that target to strengthen your digestive tract, minerals and many other factors that affect your gastrointestinal system.

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Body Detox & Weight Loss Center
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