Italian Steak with Cherry Tomatoes

  • 100 g lean steak
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1 handful of fresh basil leaves, chopped small
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Salt & pepper, to taste
  • Cherry tomatoes, chopped roughly
  • 2 tablespoons fresh parsley, roughly chopped

Combine the oregano, thyme, garlic powder, and salt & pepper. Sprinkle over the steaks and place in a hot grill pan on the stovetop to cook, along with the lemon juice.

Add the chopped basil to the top of the steaks while cooking. After the steak is done, set it aside to rest for 5 minutes. In the meantime, add the chopped tomatoes to the bottom of the same pan and allow them to cook for about 2 minutes. Spread on top of the steak and top with the fresh parsley.

Counts as: 1 protein serving, 1 vegetable serving

Time to Come Clean!

When people hear that I’m a student of natural healing, one of the questions they ask is, “if you could tell me just one thing that would make me healthier, what would it be?” Of course they are hoping I will say something like, “Eat more veggies,” or “Drink more water.” Instead I hit them with: “Get your colon cleaned out!” It’s not what they want to hear, but it’s just good old-fashioned common sense.

Clean Out My What?

The fact is, there are two simple functions that every living thing has to be able to perform to survive on this planet. They are: take in nutrition and get rid of waste.

Needing nutrition is a no-brainer, but many people don’t realize how important it is for our bodies to be able to rid themselves of garbage. Of the four main ways we do that (through our skin, lungs, kidneys and colon), the colon is the nastiest, hence the most easily ignored. But to do so is a big mistake.

You see, our colon (or large intestine) is our body’s last chance to absorb nutrients from the foods we eat. However, after years of eating meals fashioned from white flour, dairy products and red meat, most people are walking around with literally pounds of sticky, partially-digested food glued to the walls of their colon, clogging and misshaping it. How are we supposed to absorb nutrients when that happens?

Heidi Pobran, a thrid-generation certified colon hydrotherapist at Spokane’s Body Detox & Weight Loss Center, agrees. She states, “You can eat all the vegetables and fruits and all the herbs you can get- and all organic-but if your’e all clogged up, your body isn’t going to be able to absorb the nutrients.”

And, as if that isn’t bad enough, according to the information at this pasty waste in your colon “begins to decay, releasing toxins and poisounous gases that seep out into the blood and poison all the organs and tissues.” These toxins can contribute to body odor, skin disorders, headaches and fatigue, to name only a few.

There’s Hope

But there is hope, even for the most clogged among us. One option is to visit your favorite health food store to research the array of colon cleansers and kits, and there are quite a few reputable ones to choose from.

A few words of caution: stay away from over-the-counter laxatives. They contain chemicals and can be habit-forming. Instead, use herbal formulas that will feed the muscles of your colon so that they will work more efficiently on their own. Also, start out slowly and drink plenty of pure water.

Then be waware that as the old, dry waste begins to loosen, you may experience a temprary increase in constipation as your colon works to eliminate it. Don’t give up. Loisten to your body. Drink more water, take the colon cleansers and be patient.

If you’re not the patient type, or would like more help with the process, one suggestion would be to visit a colon hydrotherapy clinic, such as the aforementioned Body Detox & Weight Loss Center. I gave it a try and found it to be not nearly as unpleasant as I had imagined. In fact, it felt very empowering to know that I was taking one more step toward a healthier me. Their slogan: “Get Clean, Get Well.”

Please take the time to do a little digging into this subject. For more information about your colon and the benefits of keeping it “as clean as a whistle.” visit these websites: and Your body will be glad you did!

The information contained in this article is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of a health care professional.

Written by: Easter Stepper, MH

Body Detox and Weight Loss Center Now Accepting New Clients

Body Detox and Weight Loss Center has a great program that thousands of clients have completed to manage their weight, auto immune illnesses and gain more energy.

You can eat all the fruits and vegetables that you want, but if you are clogged up, it is very difficuilt to lose weight.

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) August 03, 2011

The largest and most experienced Detoxification and Weight Loss Clinic in the Northwest has relocated to the Spokane Valley from Coeur d’Alene due to high demand. Body Detox and Weight Loss Center is currently accepting new clients who need help reaching their health and weight loss goals.

In addition to Cleansing/ Weight Loss Programs, the Body Detox and Weight Loss Center offers a number of natural health services including gut reconditioning, cleanse programs and candida/yeast programs. They also offer hair analysis, heavy metal and toxicity assessments and help people with health issues such as allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and autoimmune diseases. The average clients lose around seven pounds per week and tend to keep the weight off with nutritional counseling and maintenance sessions.

“I highly recommend my patients to detoxify and Body Detox and Weight Loss Center has been incredible at detoxifying my patients to relieve gas, bloating, constipation, fatigue and irritability as soon as possible so they can get back to their lives,” says Dr. Felice, DDS. Owner Heidi Pobran, a third generation practitioner, agrees. “You can eat all the fruits and vegetables that you can get, but if you are all clogged up your body isn’t always able to absorb the nutrients.”

Heidi Pobran and her highly trained staff have a passion for helping others get healthy. The vitamins and supplements come from Standard Process and are organic food-based with no added fillers or synthetics. They have assisted thousands of people in becoming healthier and managing their illnesses naturally in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Body Detox and Weight Loss Center is located at 1510 N. Argonne, Suite G in Spokane Valley, WA. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 509-922-9909 or visit their website at

New film offers wisdom on struggling health care system: “Food Matters”

New film offers wisdom on struggling health care system: “Food Matters”

LOS ANGELES, California, March 30, 2009 – A provocative new documentary available in the U.S. and Canada today has a message for a struggling health care system and those who aim to reform it: food matters. The film “Food Matters” teaches viewers about foods, supplements and detoxification processes that have been proven to prevent, arrest, and even reverse diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and depression. “Food Matters” also addresses shortsighted agricultural practices, known pharmaceutical dangers, and lifestyle choices that impact our health, and reveals safe, affordable and effective natural approaches to treating the most common and chronic problems.

Nutritionists-turned-filmmakers James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch have produced a bold new film featuring leaders in nutrition and medicine from around the world who provide inspiring solutions and new approaches to disease.

“Modern medicine has led us to seek out a pill for every ill, but there are steps we can take as consumers that have been scientifically verified to help us heal ourselves,” said Colquhoun. “We’re not suggesting that pharmaceutical drugs don’t have their place, it’s just that many people are not aware of the positive impact alternative treatments can have on their health.”

“There are simple lifestyle changes that we as individuals can make to combat serious illness, and with access to solid information, people invariably make better choices for their health,” said ten Bosch.

“Food Matters” reveals specific foods and supplements that have been proven to have health benefits for a variety of common conditions, such as Vitamin C, cashews and even raw chocolate. Experts featured in the film, such as Andrew W. Saul, Ph.D., author and natural healing specialist with more than 30 years experience; nutritionist David Wolfe; and cancer specialist Dr. Dan Rogers offer health, wellness and nutritional advice to help viewers take immediate action.

Another of the film’s experts Charlotte Gerson, founder of the nonprofit Gerson Institute dedicated to Gerson Therapy, an alternative, non-toxic treatment for cancer and other diseases, claims that a normal, healthy body has such powerful defenses that it cannot and will not develop cancer or any other chronic disease.

At a time when our struggling health care system is under scrutiny, and national health care reform is urgent, “Food Matters” aims to step in where “Sicko,” Michael Moore’s attack on the American health care system, stopped short. Colquhoun and ten Bosch hope “Food Matters” will educate people about ways to prevent illness, rather than encourage them to rely on a system already in crisis to treat symptoms once illness takes hold. “It’s about education, not just medication,” said Colquhoun.

“Food Matters” is currently available on DVD and for viewing online through the film’s and at select retailers in North America.

Advance Praise for “Food Matters” 
“Thought provoking, informative, and compelling, this film matters.” (Rory Freedman, coauthor of New York Times bestseller “Skinny Bitch”)

“Anyone who is serious about their health needs to see this stunning film.” (Christiane Northrup, MD, author of “Women’s Wisdom”)

“Outstanding.” (John Robbins, author of “Diet for a New America”)

“Food Matters is a must-see for those looking to take control of their health.” (John Gray, Ph.D., author of New York Times bestseller “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”)

About James & Laurentine 
After studying nutrition through the Global College of Natural Medicine in California, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch realized that the health challenges within their own families were in fact a very real representation of what was happening the world over. They set out on a path to evaluate alternatives to empower themselves, their loved ones and others, minimize health care costs and reduce the demands on our already overburdened health care system. In the process they formed a production company to create, direct and produce the feature film “Food Matters.” The Food Matters duo has independently funded the film from start to finish in order to remain as unbiased as possible, delivering a clear, concise and hard-hitting message to the world: Food Matters.

Spokane Chiropractic and Naturopathic Care

When looking for ways to get healthier  outside of the traditional western medicine world, it is common for people to go to a chiropractor or a naturopath for care. Both of these options are often great alternatives in regards to long term preventative care. So what makes us different? Well, where a chiropractor focuses on your back, we focus on your colon. Many people get ill because their colons are chalk full of toxins and waste that has been sitting in there for years. Because everyone with today’s diet has these years of toxins built up, it does not take long to notice at least some difference after spending time removing them. If you live in the Spokane area, we can help you with this problem!

Similar to Naturopathic care, we spend time going over your health concerns and symptoms, often recommending supplements, and diet modifications to aid in the detoxification process. If you take a look at our testimonial page, you will notice that this combination of both detoxification and nutritional modifications helps patients improve their overall feeling of well being, and often times gets rid of their symptoms.

Colon cleansing and detoxification works in conjunction with Chiropractic Care as well as Naturopathic. In fact, we sometimes work with Spokane area Chiropractors and Naturopathic doctors to help patients get well. However, many customers come to us and feel better without having to ever see a Naturopath or Chiropractor.

One of the great things about our method of wellness is that our customers lose weight! That’s right, toxins in your colon can equate to several pounds worth of sludge. On top of that, when you remove that sludge from your colon, your body’s natural detox and weight loss system can kick in, helping you to lose even more weight. Results vary, but most everyone sees at least some kind of improvement.

Ready to start feeling better? Give us a call! 509-922-9909

Changing the Evidence Model

David S. Jones, MD (Textbook of Functional Medicine):  “Our romance with ever newer and more expensive drugs, technology, and surgeries has not achieved what we have been led to expect”.  “It appears undeniable that patients receive a lower quality of care than would be expected considering the high level of practitioner training and the huge body of research now available”.
“In addition to prevention strategies, many complex, chronic diseases are very responsive to dietary and various lifestyle interventions.  But clinicians without these skills are literally at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry.  Doctors are taught about drugs by agent of the pharmaceutical industry, which works hard to persuade them to select the newest and most expensive medications – even in the absence of scientific evidence that they are any better than older, less costly ones. Or, we would add, even in the presence of evidence that many non-drug interventions are therapeutically effective and significantly less expensive”.

National health expenditures:
Increased 69% between 1990 and 2000, to a per capita cost of $4,637, which is 68.5 % higher than our closest competitor (Germany) and more than 2 ½ times as much as the UK.

Halsted Holman, MD of Stanford Medical School editorialized in JAMA 2004:
Chronic disease is now the principal cause of disability and use of health services and consumes 78% of health expenditures.

Dr. Alan Feinstein, MD from the Department of Medicine, Yale University, in his article:
“Problems in the Evidence of Evidence-based Medicine, we are in the transitional stage of realizing that our tools of evidence are inadequate.

Dr. Richard Horton, MD editor-in-chief of The Lancet addressed this issue in an editorial titled, “The Precautionary Principle”:
Where the state of the health of the people is at stake, the risks can be so high and the cost of corrective action so great, the prevention is better than cure.  We must analyze the possible benefits and cost of action and inaction.
This short sighted approach to health care should give us all cause for serious concern, because it is perpetuating a system that is far too costly and increasingly ineffective for the prevention and management of chronic diseases.

Call for a Complimentary Consultation with Heidi about our Wellness Club


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Toxic Quiz

Are you Toxic?

Take the Quiz and find out. If you answer yes to three or more of these questions, you could be displaying signs of toxicity.

  1. Do you ever feel gassy or bloated?
  2. Are you sensitive to chemicals, car fumes, odors, perfumes, or fragrances?
  3. Do you often get sinusitus, yeast infections, candida, diverticulosis or diverticulitis?
  4. Do you suffer from fibromayalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, or an autoimmune disease? Do you have acne, eczema, hives, or unexplained itching?
  5. Do you suffer from fatigue, lethargy, joint pains, muscle aches, or weakness?
  6. Are you subject to irritability, mood swings, anxiety, depression, poor concentration, a “spacey” feeling, or restlessness?
  7. Do you suffer from nausea, bad breath, foul smelling stools, a bloated feeling, or intolerance to fatty or starchy foods?
  8. Do you keep getting sick?
  9. Do you have abdominal distention?
  10. Do you ever use over-the-counter, prescription, or recreational drugs on a regular basis?
  11. Do you have less than 3 or more bowel movements a day?

Did you know?

Colon Health

Did you know that a healthy person will have a bowel movement roughly 30 minutes after each main meal? Thats 2-3 bowel movements per day.

Did you know that your typical, average American packs around 10-12lbs of fecal waste in their colon?

Did you know that the typical, average American only has 2-3 bowel movements a week? Thats about 12-18 bowel movements per week short. Imagine how much waste is just sitting inside the average American!

Did you know that up to half of Americans have polyps in their colon due to not eliminating waste? Many of these polyps mutate into malignant cancerous tumors.

Did you know that Toxins can contribute to a wide range of conditions? Some of these conditions include:

  • Stuffy head
  • Fatigue or difficulty sleeping
  • Digestion and other gastrointestinal problems
  • Food cravings and weight gain
  • Reduced mental clarity
  • Low libido

To find out if you are toxic, read this article.