Eating For Sucess

Get the Most Out of Your Colonics

Many of our clients find that they get the most out of their colon hydrotherapy sessions by eating a healthy diet. Now, a healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to starve! On the contrary, we hope that this time of cleansing will open your eyes to a world of amazing food that helps you feel good, gives you energy and supports your body in the cleansing process.

Eating Well

eating-for-success-no-junk-foodSo, what shouldn’t you eat?

You should not continue to eat the foods that made you ill to begin with. Things like pizza, burgers, fries, fried food and desserts will only keep you feeling down and keep you overweight even if you are doing a series of colonics.

Eating healthy whole foods will help your body’s natural detoxifying systems to kick in. Combine your body’s natural ability to detoxify itself with colon hydrotherapy and you have a weight loss and healthy feeling making machine!

So, what can you eat?

The pictures below will give you a good idea of the wide variety of tasty foods that will also give benefit to your body. When you come to Body Detox and Weight Loss Center, we will help you find a new world of amazing foods to fill your diet with. Ask us for the password and we will give you access to our free book of healthy purification recipes.

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