Candida Self Test

A Candida self-test is one of the most useful and accurate methods of determining yeast-related health problems. It also serves as a tool for monitoring your health progress. In today’s world, Candida often accumulates in the body much faster than it can be eliminated.


Please answer all questions. If a question does not apply to you, choose never. After completion, add numbers to calculate your final score.

A score greater than 8 indicates advanced yeast connected health problems. A Candida cleanse is needed, both to rid your body of the unpleasant symptoms you are experiencing and to finally achieve the lasting health results you want.

Have you taken birth control pills over the past 2 years?0123
Have you experienced nail fungus, athlete’s foot or jock itch?0123
Do you crave sugar?0123
Do you crave breads?0123
Do you crave alcoholic beverages?0123
Do you feel drained?0123
Fatigue or lethargy0123
Poor memory0123
Feeling “spacey”0123
Muscle aches0123
Pain or swelling in joints0123
Abdominal pain0123
Abdominal bloating0123
Persistent vaginal itch0123
Persistent vaginal burning0123
Prostatis (inflammation of prostate)0123
Loss of sexual desire0123
Premenstrual tension0123
Inability to concentrate0123
Frequent mood swings0123
Itchy skin0123
Belching and intestinal gas0123
Dry mouth0123
White coating on tongue0123
Bad breath0123
Nasal congestion or discharge0123
Sore or dry throat0123
Urinary urgency or frequency0123
Burning on urination0123
Recurrent infection or fluid in ears0123
Ear pain0123
How many times have you taken antibiotics over the past 10 years?Never = 01-2x = 53-5x = 106x+ = 20

Remember, a score greater than 8 MAY indicate advanced yeast connected health problems.

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