B6 & B12 Lipotropic Vitamin Shots

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All Natural Lipotropic injections offer a variety of benefits including appetite suppressant, fast weight loss and a healthier life. Lipotropic injections are a class of natural ingredients that play important roles in the body’s use of fat. These compounds enhance liver and gallbladder’s role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal.

How Does it Work?

Body Detox and Weight Loss Center Vitamin B12 Injections and Vitamin B6 Injections can help you:

  • Reduce Fat Storage

  • Increase Body Metabolism

  • Increase Energy

Lipotropics, the Natural Belly Fat Burner

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 Injections, also known as lipotropic nutrients, are a class of agents that play important roles in the body’s use of fat. These compounds enhance your body’s liver and gall bladder roles by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal. Lipotropic injections effectively reduce appetite and increase your body’s natural fat-burning processes. Using Lipotropic shots, along with proper diet and exercise, can help you reach your goal weight faster and healthier. Lipotropic injections aid your weight loss by giving you the extra boost you need to lose weight fast and healthy.

Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

The compounds in Lipotropic injections include Amino Acids and Vitamins that help promote liver function, which in turn improves the metabolism process to improve digestion and help you lose weight fast.

A lipotropic substance such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6 Injections decreases the deposit, or speeds up the removal of fat within the liver.

Lipotropic /lipo·tro·pic/ (lip″o-tro´pik) – acting on fat metabolism by hastening removal or decreasing the deposit of fat in the liver; also, an agent having such effects. lipo = fat, tropic = stimulate

Why Vitamin B12 Injections?

Your B12 level impacts a number of very important systems in your body — everything from your DNA to memory, motivation, muscle weakness, body weight control, to how happy you feel. If you think you might be vitamin deficient, let Body Detox and Weight Loss Center of Spokane with over 20 Years of detoxification and weight loss experience help you take the necessary steps to get your vitamin levels into the healthy range, and experience fast weight loss and increased energy!


  1. Doctor Administered Lipotropic Vitamin Shots (B6 & B12)
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  2. Self-Administered Lipotropic Vitamin Shots (B6 & B12)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Ingredients?

Vitamin B12 Injections: Increases Energy, Improves Concentration and Memory
Vitamin B6 Injections: Has effect of Physical and Mental Health

Methionine is an essential amino acid that is a major lipotropic compound in humans. The body requires more methionine when the levels of estrogen are high. Estrogens reduce bile flow through the liver and increase bile cholesterol levels while methionine helps to deactivate estrogen’s. Methionine levels also affect the amount of sulfur-containing compounds, such as glutathione, in the liver. Glutathione and other sulfur-containing peptides (small proteins) play a critical role in defending against toxic compounds. When higher levels of toxic compounds are present, more methionine is needed. Without lipotropics such as choline and inositol, fats and bile can become trapped in the liver, causing severe problems such as cirrhosis and blocking fat metabolism.

Choline is essential for fat metabolism. Choline functions as a methyl donor and it is required for proper liver function. Like inositol, choline is a lipotropic.

Inositol exerts lipotropic effects as well. An “unofficial” member of the B Vitamins, inositol has even been shown to relieve depression and panic attacks.

Why Do Our Bodies Need Vitamin B?

Vitamin B12, also known by the scientific name cobalamin, is water-soluble. Unlike other water-soluble vitamins, B12 doesn’t exit your body quickly in urine. It is stored in your liver, kidneys and other body tissues. As a result, a deficiency may not show itself for a number of years, depending on your diet and your body’s ability to efficiently absorb B12.

This time lag is a serious concern, because after about seven years of B12 deficiency, irreversible brain damage can result.

Vitamin B12 is a powerhouse micronutrient for a whole host of reasons. Your body needs B12 for:

  • proper digestion, food absorption, iron use, carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • healthy nervous system function
  • promotion of normal nerve growth and development
  • help with regulation of the formation of red blood cells
  • cell formation and longevity
  • proper circulation
  • adrenal hormone production
  • healthy immune system function
  • support of female reproductive health and pregnancy
  • feelings of well-being and mood regulation
  • physical, emotional and mental energy

Your B12 level impacts a number of very important systems in your body — everything from your DNA to how happy you feel. If you think you might be deficient in this vitamin, you need to take steps to get your B12 levels into the healthy range.

At Body Detox and Weight Loss Center we will comprehensively test and determine your B12 blood level to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to Get Clean and Get Well.

Symptoms of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

If you don’t have adequate vitamin B12 levels in your bloodstream, you might notice some of the following warning signs:

  • mental fogginess
  • problems with your memory
  • mood swings
  • lack of motivation
  • feelings of apathy
  • fatigue and a lack energy
  • muscle weakness
  • tingling in your extremities

One of the most important functions of vitamin B12 is building the myelin which insulates and protects your nerve endings and allows them to communicate with one another.

If you are B12 deficient and your myelin is depleted, you can experience health problems as widespread as depression, dementia and even symptoms which mimic multiple sclerosis. Contact Body Detox and Weight Loss Center to Get Clean and Get Well Today.