Colonics & Colon Hydrotherapy

Using state of the art equipment, we gently help your colon cleanse itself from waste and toxins that build up in the colon over long periods of time. This is the first step in maintaining good health and also the first step in healing.

equipment-hspcIntroducing Our Brand New 2015 Revolutionary Colon Hydrotherapy Unit!

ADVANCED SYSTEM with specimen collection capability to send samples to our world renowned parasitologist!

This is the worlds 1st and only UV full spectrum lighting unit as used at New York General Hospital!

Using scientifically designed equipment, we gently help your colon cleanse itself from old waste and toxins that have “built up” in the colon. This is the 1st step in “supporting” and maintaining good health.


  • $89
    Package Prices Available
  • Length of Appointment
  • Thorough Intake
  • Evaluation
  • Toxicity Assessment
  • Dietary Recommendations
  • Reduced Pricing for Additional Sessions
  • Payment Plans
  • $89
    Package Prices Available
  • 60 minutes (includes 40 minute colonics session)

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